For better, better not

Highly distracted, adolescent adults no longer need to marry. There are other pursuits. Many say “I do” but this article by Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison of Newsweek and the blog Equality Myth, hits the nail on the head why many now say “I don’t.”

They say: “We are also the so-called entitled generation, brought up with lofty expectations of an egalitarian adulthood; told by helicopter parents and the media, from the moment we exited the womb, that we could be “whatever we wanted”—with infinite opportunities to accomplish those dreams. So you can imagine how, 25 years down the line, committing to another person—for life—would be nerve-racking. (How do you know you’ve found “the one” if you haven’t vetted all the options?)”

Prince Charming is no longer Prince Charming and Cinderella could care less if she finds her prince. Identities and roles have changed. Men for so long defined themselves as the breadwinners. Women clearly no longer need a breadwinner. Empowerment of women has left men less desirous of being “men”. Now that they don’t need to marry anymore to identify themselves as “men”, they are choosing not to. Women, still long for that coupleness, no longer require it to survive. Where does this leave Gen Qwerty marriages?


About GenQwerty

Twenty-five is the new fifteen, so long as forty is the new thirty. When I was twelve, I was supposed to have a house, car, spouse, child, job and a good "life" at twenty-five. I could be anything I wanted to be, if only I put my mind to it. I have been given every opportunity, and now I can't decide. I'm qwerty about life. I'm part of Generation Qwerty. Follow my blog at or Twitter @GenQwerty.
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