We don’t want to work until we die

We want to live until we die. We want to enjoy freedom while we can and send you emails from a sun-drenched bench. We want to be efficient and healthy. We want to be socially conscious and extravagant. You saw your parents struggle through difficult economic times, we saw our parents struggle through loss of identity and the suction of corporate environments. We live to avoid being trapped as you appeared to be.

Social security may not kick in until we are 68 years old. We have already cashed out our 401(k)s to go on vacation, buy a house, pay off enormous amounts of debt, and figure ourselves out. Don’t make us work for less pay, less benefits, less tax breaks. Don’t make us work until we break our hip on the job and have to work until we die to pay it off. Don’t make us work like fiefs for our “Lords”. Let us live as we wish to live, marry who we want to marry, work where we want to work, and grow to our full potential. That is how innovation happens. That is how we stay successful. That is what Jesus would do.


About GenQwerty

Twenty-five is the new fifteen, so long as forty is the new thirty. When I was twelve, I was supposed to have a house, car, spouse, child, job and a good "life" at twenty-five. I could be anything I wanted to be, if only I put my mind to it. I have been given every opportunity, and now I can't decide. I'm qwerty about life. I'm part of Generation Qwerty. Follow my blog at genqwerty.com or Twitter @GenQwerty.
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