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Esteema: Why didn’t we have this drug last weekend?

Generation Qwerty medicates most anything, which is why we’re super excited about this new product that helps women have all the casual sex they want without any of the guilt. Merry Christmas Rick Santorum! You’ve got one more pro-female product … Continue reading

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RIP Ms. Berenstain

Everything I learned about right and wrong came from reading the Berenstain Bears books. It’s a sad day. Associated Press Jezebel TMZ

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Music Monday: Before “Muppet or Man”

Congrats to Muppet or Man on bringing home the Oscar for Best Original Song during last night’s Academy Awards! Not a bad number, but I still prefer songs from the Muppets’ earlier catalog like Rainbow Connection (which was nominated for … Continue reading

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“You had your roll of film and hoped for the best.”

It was like a ritualistic tradition. You had a party, a holiday, an event, or just some fun with film. You’d wind that roll back up, pop it out, take it on down to the pharmacy, grocery store, or stand … Continue reading

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Tush Tuesday: Buns of Steel

Toes pointed. You’ll feel sometin’ happening. You’ll feel a re-birth, a bun re-birth! Right down there. Yes! Fantastic.

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90’s candy package? WTF.

Groupon has identified a target market: You. Today only you can purchase your own piece of a Blockbuster aisle! Now that Blockbuster is closing up shop, apparently they had to sell off all that candy they had from the 90’s … Continue reading

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This is the day your life will surely change

This And this. . . make me happy today.

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