“You had your roll of film and hoped for the best.”

It was like a ritualistic tradition. You had a party, a holiday, an event, or just some fun with film. You’d wind that roll back up, pop it out, take it on down to the pharmacy, grocery store, or stand alone photo shop and hope for the best. What did you truly capture? Did that shot of grandma come out alright? Will it all just be a waste?

There was magic involved in the mystery. Those who could master the art of taking grande photographs were honestly called photographers. It wasn’t a cheap hobby that one did simply because they got a nice camera with a good lens and set it on auto. Thought went into a trained eye to capture a moment in perfect color, depth, focus, and framing.

The Vimeo award winning film “Thrush” goes beyond the longing for the process of picture taking to push forward into the world of excess snapshots as a form of story telling. Simply made, beautifully told, it’s a piece that speaks to the heart of an over-captured generation.


About GenQwerty

Twenty-five is the new fifteen, so long as forty is the new thirty. When I was twelve, I was supposed to have a house, car, spouse, child, job and a good "life" at twenty-five. I could be anything I wanted to be, if only I put my mind to it. I have been given every opportunity, and now I can't decide. I'm qwerty about life. I'm part of Generation Qwerty. Follow my blog at genqwerty.com or Twitter @GenQwerty.
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