TGIF: Perfect Strangers

You no talky like me = hilarity.

Why did this show even exist? And for how many seasons? EIGHT! Yes, count’em, eight seasons of Balki and Cousin Larry figuring out their cultural differences. Regardless, I believe this is why Generation Qwerty is more open minded about other cultures. We learned that endless laughs are in supply when you keep the company of strange foreigners. Making fun of different people equals funny!

Here’s your family-oriented “Thank Goodness it’s Friday” moment of zen.


About GenQwerty

Twenty-five is the new fifteen, so long as forty is the new thirty. When I was twelve, I was supposed to have a house, car, spouse, child, job and a good "life" at twenty-five. I could be anything I wanted to be, if only I put my mind to it. I have been given every opportunity, and now I can't decide. I'm qwerty about life. I'm part of Generation Qwerty. Follow my blog at or Twitter @GenQwerty.
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One Response to TGIF: Perfect Strangers

    If An Episode Aired That I Didn’t See, I Sincerely Bet It Doesn’t Exist!!! hahahahaha
    Love It LOVE IT, Fo SHO!!!

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