Music Monday: The Boss Still Rocks It

Bruce Springsteen kicks off a cleverly named tour next week. But this week he’s the keynote speaker of SXSW in Austin, Texas, where all things related to music, PBR, hipsters, maxi dresses, sleep deprivation, free vodka you’ve never heard of, cocaine, badge hierarchy, Buddy Holly glasses, Chuck Taylors, entitled assholes, five hour energy, and magical mayhem are happening.

Face it, if you are not in Austin this week, you’re a complete loser and you should question all of your life’s choices thus far. And, if you are in Austin, you’re probably a loser too, because even though you may be at a cool party, there’s a cooler one you won’t be allowed into around the corner. In any case, SXSW participants/badgeholders/day drinkers/jackasses, keep on the lookout for Springsteen hashtags declaring “secret” appearances. You may just be the one fan he invites onstage, like he did with Monica from Friends.


About freeneurotica

The Greatest Generation fought a really important war and knew how to ration. The Baby Boomers went to Woodstock and created America's Interstate Highway System. And, the rest of us? We're allergic to gluten and spend our time filling out social network profiles. Man, is that a pain in the ass. Follow me on Twitter @freeneurotica.
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2 Responses to Music Monday: The Boss Still Rocks It

  1. crubin says:

    Alas, I guess I am a complete loser this week. Should be no different from any other week then…

  2. You’ll feel all that much healthier next week.

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