Tush Tuesday: So I don’t have to ask for my dressing on the side?

I don’t know about you, but I for one cannot remember the last time I went to a salad party and emphatically discussed fat-free dressing with my besties. Oh, how I long for the early nineties, when being female meant wearing a topsy tail and shoulder pads while munching on a stand-up style salad (power salad). Pretty sure this is where the phrase “salad days” originated.


About freeneurotica

The Greatest Generation fought a really important war and knew how to ration. The Baby Boomers went to Woodstock and created America's Interstate Highway System. And, the rest of us? We're allergic to gluten and spend our time filling out social network profiles. Man, is that a pain in the ass. Follow me on Twitter @freeneurotica.
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