#TGIF: Step by Step, #SuzanneSomers doesn’t like dogs

Stephanie tells TJ to take the drawers out of a dresser. TJ puts them on the dresser. And says, “It’s a lot lighter this way.”

Carol doesn’t like dogs but the kids want one. Frank reminds them that it’s a good way to teach the kids responsibility.

I can only imagine the laugh out loud moments the writers felt around the writers table writing this episode. Just plain, Suzanne Somers fun.


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Twenty-five is the new fifteen, so long as forty is the new thirty. When I was twelve, I was supposed to have a house, car, spouse, child, job and a good "life" at twenty-five. I could be anything I wanted to be, if only I put my mind to it. I have been given every opportunity, and now I can't decide. I'm qwerty about life. I'm part of Generation Qwerty. Follow my blog at genqwerty.com or Twitter @GenQwerty.
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