Music Monday: The Harlequin Romance of Rock and Roll

We’re all looking for the love of a life time, but few of us express it by growing so much hair, playing so many guitars, or walking around so bare-chested (must have been hot in the dark and foreboding house of lust and lightning). I jest, but all of that shirtless rock ballad power drumming seems to have worked. Maybe if I took more cues from Firehouse in my quest for love, I wouldn’t find myself on so many OkCupid dates with guys…who look like they’re from Firehouse.


About freeneurotica

The Greatest Generation fought a really important war and knew how to ration. The Baby Boomers went to Woodstock and created America's Interstate Highway System. And, the rest of us? We're allergic to gluten and spend our time filling out social network profiles. Man, is that a pain in the ass. Follow me on Twitter @freeneurotica.
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