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Stop the Insanity! #GlennBeck stole #SusanPowter’s look. Seriously.

Stop the insanity! I wish I could yell this loudly at the world sometimes. And in the 90’s Susan Powter was out there yelling it at us and for us. Stop the insanity! Now, instead of having Susan shout it … Continue reading

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#Music Monday: Try not to vomit as you watch this

Made by some artsy guy of PFFR out of Brooklyn. This psychedelic hipster voyage is worth the click. Bear in Heaven’s song is uh, pretty damn good too. And them artsy hipster people sure are pretty damn hip too. Check … Continue reading

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Tush Tuesday: So I don’t have to ask for my dressing on the side?

I don’t know about you, but I for one cannot remember the last time I went to a salad party and emphatically discussed fat-free dressing with my besties. Oh, how I long for the early nineties, when being female meant … Continue reading

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Music Monday: The Harlequin Romance of Rock and Roll

We’re all looking for the love of a life time, but few of us express it by growing so much hair, playing so many guitars, or walking around so bare-chested (must have been hot in the dark and foreboding house … Continue reading

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TGIF: Whatever You Do, Don’t Dance Like Danny Tanner This Weekend

Rock a mullet, the guy could. Dance? Apparently not. Have a great weekend, and remember, whatever mistakes you may make this Friday and Saturday night (and Sunday, too? Sheesh!), don’t count Danny Tanner’s dance among them.

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So what IS “qwerty” anyway?

For the purposes of this blog, qwerty refers to anyone who was a part of Generation X, Generation Y, or the Millennials, with a particular focus on those of us who grew up with the digital revolution but who were … Continue reading

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#Riddle: How many S’s are there in a Wassup?

Riddle: How many S’s does a Wassup need? Is it Wassssup or wassup or even just ‘sup? Any which way you’ll have it, I believe this commercial is the root of the craft beer industries rise in recent years. Here’s … Continue reading

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