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#TGIF: Step by Step, #SuzanneSomers doesn’t like dogs

Stephanie tells TJ to take the drawers out of a dresser. TJ puts them on the dresser. And says, “It’s a lot lighter this way.” Carol doesn’t like dogs but the kids want one. Frank reminds them that it’s a … Continue reading

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Tush Tuesday: So I don’t have to ask for my dressing on the side?

I don’t know about you, but I for one cannot remember the last time I went to a salad party and emphatically discussed fat-free dressing with my besties. Oh, how I long for the early nineties, when being female meant … Continue reading

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Music Monday: The Harlequin Romance of Rock and Roll

We’re all looking for the love of a life time, but few of us express it by growing so much hair, playing so many guitars, or walking around so bare-chested (must have been hot in the dark and foreboding house … Continue reading

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TGIF: Whatever You Do, Don’t Dance Like Danny Tanner This Weekend

Rock a mullet, the guy could. Dance? Apparently not. Have a great weekend, and remember, whatever mistakes you may make this Friday and Saturday night (and Sunday, too? Sheesh!), don’t count Danny Tanner’s dance among them.

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So what IS “qwerty” anyway?

For the purposes of this blog, qwerty refers to anyone who was a part of Generation X, Generation Y, or the Millennials, with a particular focus on those of us who grew up with the digital revolution but who were … Continue reading

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#Riddle: How many S’s are there in a Wassup?

Riddle: How many S’s does a Wassup need? Is it Wassssup or wassup or even just ‘sup? Any which way you’ll have it, I believe this commercial is the root of the craft beer industries rise in recent years. Here’s … Continue reading

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Tush Tuesday: George Foreman #Knockoutthefat!

In 1995, Qwerty peoples were reaching adolescence. OJ Simpson went to trial and the glove didn’t fit, so he was acquitted. Timothy McVeigh imposed his terror in Oklahoma City. And I had my first kiss by a ‘real’ boyfriend. One … Continue reading

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