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Stop the Insanity! #GlennBeck stole #SusanPowter’s look. Seriously.

Stop the insanity! I wish I could yell this loudly at the world sometimes. And in the 90’s Susan Powter was out there yelling it at us and for us. Stop the insanity! Now, instead of having Susan shout it … Continue reading

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#Riddle: How many S’s are there in a Wassup?

Riddle: How many S’s does a Wassup need? Is it Wassssup or wassup or even just ‘sup? Any which way you’ll have it, I believe this commercial is the root of the craft beer industries rise in recent years. Here’s … Continue reading

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Tush Tuesday: George Foreman #Knockoutthefat!

In 1995, Qwerty peoples were reaching adolescence. OJ Simpson went to trial and the glove didn’t fit, so he was acquitted. Timothy McVeigh imposed his terror in Oklahoma City. And I had my first kiss by a ‘real’ boyfriend. One … Continue reading

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Tush Tuesday: Does this chair make me look fat? Yes.

As a generation cultivated to work mid-level white-collar managerial jobs in fluorescent highlighted office spaces, it’s no surprise we are fatter now than our parents were at this stage in the game. We drive to work, sit at a desk, … Continue reading

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Weird Al Gets Retrospective, Kind Of

I’m fat, I’m fat, you know it. Been spending most our lives living in an Amish paradise. Like a surgeon, cutting for the very first time. These songs and other choice Weird Al favorites are now immortalized in art. This … Continue reading

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TGIF: Perfect Strangers

You no talky like me = hilarity. Why did this show even exist? And for how many seasons? EIGHT! Yes, count’em, eight seasons of Balki and Cousin Larry figuring out their cultural differences. Regardless, I believe this is why Generation … Continue reading

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Americans are Fat and it’s All Tommy Lasorda’s Fault

After seeing this Slim Fast commercial in the early 90s and hearing Tommy Lasorda proclaim that a big ol’ plate of spaghetti could be a sensible dinner, the American collective ran with that idea and opened 18 kajillion Olive Gardens. … Continue reading

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